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Shoes for Orphan Souls

Our annual collection for Shoes For Orphan Souls begins the first week of August!  Please consider bringing new shoes, socks, athletic shoes, and boots that short term missionaries will take to orphanages and, as they fit the children, tell them of the love of Jesus. Contact Diana Barbato or the church office for more information!

Hope Lutheran Church partners with Shoes for Orphan Souls to provide new shoes to orphans and impoverished children in the United States. These items will be delivered by missionaries, with the message of the love of Jesus, to children who would otherwise go barefoot. We collect new shoes, socks, and laces each fall.  Larger sizes are especially needed!  To see the Shoes For Orphan Souls website, click here.

Shoes for Orphan Souls Report Thank you for your generous support of our annual shoe collection. Diana Barbato reports that 179 pairs of shoes, 264 pairs of socks and 58 sets of laces were donated or purchased in during the month of August. She tells us, “Thank you for 'missionary senders' who shopped, packed, donated money and transported shoes to Chattanooga! Children will receive the message, 'Jesus loves you and so do we. You are very special in God's eyes.'"

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