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Mission Trips


Honduras Ministry Following multiple hurricanes that hit Honduras very hard, Hope Church sent disaster relief funds directly to Friends of Education/Honduras to help with recovery. Things were made even worse by the pandemic. We received emails from Damaris Sarmiento, who lives and works “on the ground” in the area where the Beno’s serve on their medical mission trips, detailing how our donation was able to help area families. She also described adjustments being made to keep as many Futures girls in school as possible. Here are some excerpts and pictures from those emails. “Thanks to the great support of all of you, we were able to help 33 families that were affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota in Cortes area. … Many families lost everything they had. With the help of Saira & her brother we were able to identify the needs of these people, all of them had been sleeping on the floor, every single family asked for a bed, many of them have children and folks who are 80 years old or older…. Of the 33 families, 2 of those have 8 members in the family. We all agreed that helping them with something that will last a long time …We found a store who had all the beds ready to get, as soon as we came to pay. Saira, her brother Jovel, and myself had everything arranged to make this plan possible today. And we did it. Every person that came to pick up their bed was absolutely grateful, seeing their eyes with some tears... of how happy they were it is priceless. “I am so grateful and feel lucky, to be able to work with all of you somehow. Helping others it’s one of the best feelings I have had in my life. Thank you again, for your love and care for others.”

Regarding the Futures Program that supports education for young women, Damaras writes: “This year we had several restrictions in order to go places, and no transportation, and these students of course travel by bus. Many of our students last year did not continue their classes due too many reasons, like paying for their internet every month was too expensive… We would like to make some changes in our way of distribute our scholarships, and one way will be paying a group of 5 students for their internet access, the teachers will help me, to monitor these students in order for them to receive their classes. It's a challenge, as we know, especially when you are working with girls that live in very rural areas, and their knowledge of technology is so poor. This pandemic came to change many things in our lives. We are hoping for the best this 2021, having to adjust to the new life and changing many ways of living somehow, and I thank you for your support always.”

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