Angels of Hope Ministries

A quick word about the wonderful new ministry here at Hope that Judy describes in the preceding article – The Angels of Hope! I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed in all my years as a pastor a ministry that has been as powerfully and well-received as Angels of Hope! There isn’t a week that goes by when there aren’t at least two or three notes of thanks that come in from people whose lives have been deeply touched by the cards that have come to them in the mail. Over and over again they share how blessed they feel in the midst of a time in their lives when things usually aren’t going so well. Thank you, all of you, for the time you take in the sharing of God’s love in this most meaningful of ways. --Pastor Dave

I must share something that recently happened to me while I was in California attending a niece’s wedding. The parents of the groom had a home in Paradise – where the wildfires destroyed the town and almost all of the houses and businesses in 2018. Our group had sent them angels. When Cathy, the groom’s mother, found out I was one of the ones that had sent angels to them, she got very emotional, grabbed me and hugged me (3 times) saying how much it meant to her to receive so many angels and prayers during such a dark time in her life. She still has the angels hanging in her office today. There are 23 people who send out angels, prayers and words of encouragement to people facing a difficult time. We have had 86 angel requests this year alone and mailed out more than 1500 angels! If you know of someone who has recently lost a loved one, is critically ill, is facing surgery or another major life challenge,

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