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Altar Guild

On Sunday mornings we hear Pastor Dave's invitation... "Come, for all are welcome at the Lord's Table." For members of the Altar Guild, being a part of preparing this table is an opportunity of serving God in His house. Some of the duties we perform include:  Baking and storing bread for communion each Sunday  Keeping altar supplies stocked, and linens and paraments clean and ready to use on the altar  Preparing the altar and sanctuary for Sunday and special services  Putting together communion trays of wine and bread for our services  Making sure our floral displays for the sanctuary and the narthex are fresh and seasonal  Keeping our cancel candles filled with oil Not everyone does everything on this list – it takes all of us using our particular talents in one or more areas. Some things are done on Sunday, but most of the Altar Guild's work happens in the days between Sundays when no one is there to see. Even on Sunday, hardly a soul sees what guild members do to make the liturgy possible. It's a behind-the-scenes ministry, and that can make it a good fit for those who don't like being in the public eye. Additional Altar Guild helpers are always welcome. Contact Ellen in the church office if you are interested in becoming a part of this ministry. We can link you to an area that fits your schedule. Our current members are Jim Beno, Ann Buehler, June Edgemon, Barbara Fail, Juanita Littleton and Micky Northrup. They would be delighted to talk with you about what they do. And consider joining us – we have a lot of fun even while we are taking care of all these responsibilities!

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